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Avant-garde Plant-based Asian Fusion Cuisine for Takeout & Delivery


Little Love Letter

Dear the person who's reading,

First of all, thank you for reading. This is a little letter of my heart...

Since the dream store opened in August 2020, it's never been as easy as I was dreaming about, but it would be boring without the charellages, so trust the process and never give up! To all the dream fighters! x

Cuz I know... "successful people hold on when everyone lets go".


We are so grateful that we have met so many lovely people that enjoy my creation, also each one who has been in the B8 crew, family & friends, over the last year and half, we have done a fabulous job to support each other!


We've passed and survived from the difficult covid period! Thankful that we are still kungfu fighting in the kitchen<3 All the good & tough times, positive/ negative feedback, encouragement, experiences... all the tasks and lessons we take daily, helping us to grow to who we are today, and being our motivation to do better!

We have started our food business since 2017, from our driveway with passion, then catering in a little gazebo to different festivals/ markets... Jesus... those crazy dayssss...


Today we have moved to a new stage step by step...

We are here to create a characteristic independent business, & a community that everyone in Dorch would love to be, enjoy and feel homely. 

There’s so much more to my imagination that I couldn't wait to show you via the store, a summer garden, more drawing & events, unlimited dishes ideas…  




Fresh & Seasonal

vegan food are not just rabbit food

eat with B8 to explore next level of life